Frequently Asked Questions About High Quality Pressure Washers

Pressure washing systems are frequently used by individuals and companies for extensive cleaning purposes. One of the most important qualities for individuals when they purchase a pressure washer is the durability and longevity of these machines. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about Easy Kleen high quality pressure washers.

What types of pressure washing machines are available for purchase?

Pressure cleaning systems are available for both commercial and industrial applications. Depending on their needs, consumers also have the choice of a cold water or a hot water cleaning system. Both hot and cold water pressure washing systems are available in electric, gas, or gas and diesel models. Consumers who need a specialized pressure washing system, such as a jetter trailer, coin operated car wash, dry steam generator, pickup truck skid or a tote box washer, can also be accommodated.

What are some of the benefits of using a pressure washer for cleaning?

Pressure washing systems clean deep down and since there’s not any scrubbing or brushing involved, the work is done in a fraction of the time it would take for hand cleaning. Hot washer systems quickly and easily break down grease and oily residue that clings to surfaces. Since pressure washing is extremely effective, chemical cleaning agents aren’t necessary. By directing the wand of a pressure washer to a specific location, cracks, crevices and tight areas are cleaned with ease. Cleaning is also safer when using a pressure washing system because the force of the water can reach high areas, so standing on a ladder isn’t necessary.

Are custom power washing systems available to consumers?

Consumers who need a customized power washing system can get exactly what they need according to their specifications. Companies, such as Easy Kleen, specialize in pressure washing systems so they can manufacture any type and size of machine that’s needed. Interested consumers can contact the company directly to discuss the details of their custom order.

Visit Easy Kleen to view and learn about the various types of high pressure cleaning systems that are available for individual, commercial, specialized and custom applications. Dealers are also welcome to inquire about reselling these high-quality Canadian made machines.