Outdoor LED Screens – A Revolution in The Field of Technology

Whenever we plan an outdoor event, which could be a party, concert, presentation or a festival, a lot of people are expected to accommodate.

Hence at this point the question arises as to “how will the performance reach the whole crowd”? The answer could be “placing outdoor LED screens at various places”.

Because LED screens involve a lot of cost they can be planned in the middle of the stage or on its either sides, which depends entirely on set pieces, theme or backdrop.

Considering the need, use delay screens for very big events with over 20,000 attendees. These screens are positioned in a way that it enables the front and the back crowd to see the happenings clearly on the stage.

LED screens are produced in different makes, models or sizes, with (HD) high definition and (SD) standard definition. Standard definition starts from 9×12ft or 9×16ft whereas high definition is19×26ft wide or even bigger. The placing of these LED screens can be stage roofed, free standing, flown from various structures or it could be in a container of semi trailer.

After deciding the size of the screen for the event the next step is to approach the various vendors for their price. It is surprising to know that prices vary from one vendor to another and that the extra fund has to be managed from within the budget.

Nowadays big national events have permanent fixed LED screens at places that are above stands fields or ground level. These screens are fixed at various concerts or matches like football, basketball or cricket so that a complete view of the events taking place can be easily enjoyed.

Another thing to keep in mind for the event is that along with the video screen, a video production gear is also required to capture the event. There must be technical staff to run the video screens, with cameras, switchers, helpers etc.

There can be double screens, as huge as a billboard so that during the break playback videos, advertisement, keynote or power presentation can be done hand in hand to make the event a success.

Now a day’s Rubix LED screens are available in the market that are curvable, semi-transparent, and mobile and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Rubix LED is super-thin, lightweight and bright, with quick lock system that makes it simple and easy to install.

Its other features are: increases visual accuracy, improved colour, enhances picture production, low noise, less power consumption and the best part is that the panels seamlessly fix together in flexible situations.


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